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Hornet in Hollow Knight: Silksong is the protagonist of the game. Hornet makes a return from the original Hollow Knight. Armed with her trusty Needle and silken powers, Hornet embarks on a journey across a new, unfamiliar landscape, uncovering a mystery that threatens this strange land. 


Hornet General Information

Hornet is the mysterious princess, protector and guardian of Hallownest's ruins. Her first appearance was in Hollow Knight, in which she stood is an anti-hero and a foe-turned-friend of the Knight. Hornet is an arachnid warrior equipped with acrobatic skills. She's an expert with her weapon of choice, The Needle and Thread.

A rebel by birth, Hornet was raised in Deepnest by the Weavers, and survived the fall and the Infection of the kingdom. She wandered around its ruins, chasing off all travelers and outsiders, automatically assuming they were trying to desecrate or otherwise disturb the place.

After some time, she was able to sense the awakening of the Infection and started off on a journey to travel across Hallownest in search for answers. She encountered The Knight, who was a lone mysterious Vessel on a mission to discover the secret of their birth. She was initially hostile towards the Knight and tried to kill them as she did many other vessels. The Knight battled her twice as they progressed through Hallownest. Their persistence earned Hornet's respect, and eventually the two joined forces.

With Hornet's help, the Knight was able to defeat The Radiance, destroying the Infection.

In the planned “Silksong” concept, Hornet stumbles upon a new kingdom. It appears there are little or no ties to the original game, with exception of her character.

Hornet starts the game as a captive, being transported to a kingdom called Pharloom, where an unknown source allows her to awaken, regain her powers, and escape her cell-like carriage. Players will get to explore the heights of Pharloom, face new enemies and bosses, meet new allies, and uncover the truth behind Hornet's capture: something that poses a threat to Hornet and this strange kingdom.


Hornet Health and Silk


Similar to The Knight, Hornet's health is represented by Masks that are shown in the upper left corner of the screen. During the reveal of a playable demo at E3 2019, Hornet starts off with 5 masks. As the game progresses, she can obtain more Health Masks by collecting Mask Shards. Hornet loses a health mask from taking damage from enemies and environmental hazards. She can regain her health by using an ability called Bind (similar to The Knight's Focus ability), consuming Silk in order to regain a Health Mask. Resting at a Bench is also reintroduced to the game as a way of replenishing all Health Masks that are lost.



Silk is represented by a spool shown just below Hornet's health. Silk is the counterpart of The Knight's Soul. It is Hornet's main source of mana for abilities such as Bind. Hornet can replenish her Silk by attacking enemies with The Needle and or by resting at a bench.



Hornet Equipment and Abilities

The Needle and Thread

Hornet's main weapon is The Needle and Thread. It is a light-weight weapon that allows her to execute fast strikes and block attacks. Certain attacks will allow her to dash, pogo off enemies and surfaces, and serve as a mechanism for traversal as she uses it for grappling and reaching high surfaces.

Currently, it is unknown if she will be able to gain stronger variations of The Needle, but it is most likely that a crafting/upgrade system will be included, mirroring the Nailsmith's quest in the original game.



Tools are introduced in Hollow Knight: Silksong as Hornet's special items that can be equipped in order for Hornet to gain various offensive and defensive attacks without consuming or using Silk. Tools can only be used for a number of times; they deplete a meter of usage. They are equipped on a Crest. Similar to how Charms work in Hollow Knight, Hornet can change Tools while resting at a bench. The meter of usage can be replenished by spending Shell Shards, which seems to be Silksong's new currency.



Hornet Gallery

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