Lore for Hollow Knight: Silksong features information pertaining to the game's story elements and setting that help color the world. Covered in this Lore page are details regarding the game world's origins and history, the societies and cultures that form the foundation for its multiple locations, the cast of characters Hornet will encounter, as well as the events that unfold throughout the game and how they affect the world of Pharloom. This page will be updated with lore information as it becomes available.


Hollow Knight: Silksong Lore


They see your beauty, so frail and fine,

They see your peace, woven of faith and toil,

They forget your heart, bound in slumber and servitude,

When you wake they shall see your truth,

A beast's nature bare to all.



Hollow Knight: Silksong supposedly takes place after the events that happened in Hollow Knight (though it oddly has no ties to the original game, or Hallownest, whatsoever and only focuses on Hornet). We find Hornet held captive
and are being brought in by strange creatures who carry a staff with bells.

Hornet finds herself in the depths of an unknown kingdom
called Pharloom which seems to be haunted by silk and song.

It is up to Hornet to ascend to the citadel and uncover the truth and
to defeat an unknown entity in order to set the inhabitants of Pharloom free from its control.



Hollow Knight: Silksong Trailers

 Reveal Trailer - February 2019


Explore a vast new kingdom, encounter new hostile creatures.

Meet new friends and acquaintances situated in various towns.

And craft deadly tools that will aid Hornet towards ascending a citadel.


Hollow Knight: Silksong Gallery


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    • Pointless malarkey... What’s the point of making a “sequel” to Hollow Knight when literally everything and everyone from Hallownest, including the legendary eternal kingdom, and the very protagonist himself (and his brother, the titular character), is unceremoniously tossed into the garbage by Team Cherry — all aside from freaking Hornet... This is NOT a sequel... I don’t think TC understands what the meaning of “sequel” really is. This is a waifu game for the simps... All about Hornet... Hornet, Hornet, Hornet... It’s a cringy love-letter to this bratty little Deepnest witch, a curse on Hallownest who never should have been born, and who had no real meaning in the original game other than to stand as the pointless (and nastily antagonistic) waifu character with a chip on her shoulder. “Hollow Knight” should be removed from its title - we know “Simpsong” has absolutely nothing to do with him, or the original protagonist wanderer Knight. These *true* heroes will be missed, as well as everyone and everything from Hallownest that had endless potential for further development... It’s a SIN to make a “sequel” (well, basically lie about it being a sequel, as TC did) without the true main character. For Grimm’s sake... At last the Ori franchise had it right with their games.

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